Sunday, November 8, 2009

Featured Designer on SNEAK PEEKS...


I was pleasantly surprised and truly HONORED, to be featured this month, by SNEAK PEEKS.

To be recognized as a designer in the Boutique World, is very rewarding and encouraging. Thank you to the girls who created and maintain this exciting blog to feature boutique designers.

SneakPeeks is a place where designers of boutique, childrens' clothing and accessories can showcase their items and spread the word about upcoming projects. A mini-showcase dedicated to all things boutique! A place to see all your favorite designers' items, BEFORE they hit Ebay or Etsy! ttp://
Thanks again, SNEAKPEAKS!

Sweet Southern Belle

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween was a Blast...

This was the first time that we (MiMi and Papaw) got to walk with the grands through the neighborhood for Trick or Treat. It was a blast. It's so true what they say... "...through the eyes of a child". Something so simple as dressing up as Princess Peach (which I created and whipped up for Gabrielle) and Mario (my son bought at costume store)...and going door to door was so much fun for them. It was so chilly that they had to wear extra clothes underneath, but they didn't mind at all. And I was so proud of their manners. They were so sweet and thanked each person so sweetly. I really enjoyed it, and of course, me and my Digital were busy snapping up those moments. Memories for a lifetime!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I want to invite friends and family to visit my new eBay ME page. In addition to a NEW BLOG, Sweet*Southern Belle, and new ME PAGE design (many thanks to Kim Timothy of BoutiquebyDesign), I also have a new boutique name and label this year, Sweet*Southern Belle.

After an extended leave from the boutique world, I decided it was time for a fresh approach and new boutique look.

My new "Sweet*Southern Belle" style captures the nostalgia of yesterday and brings it forward for today's little girl, often with a mix of modern or sassy twist. Perhaps even a bit of whimsy now and then. I just love to sew using lots of frills, ruffles, and bows. The more girly, the better!

It's my goal to create dainty, unique designs that will offer affordability, and quality. I hope their uniqueness will make your little princess feel as "sweet as a southern belle".

I will keep this blog to update family and frends on family happenings and sharing recipes. Stop by anytime and be sure to leave me a message or share your family news or recipes with me.