Monday, January 21, 2008

SEASIDE ROSES for WisteriaLane VIP Block Party

It's late, but I just have to post a sneak peek of one of my designs for the Block Party Launch tomorrow. I was thrilled to get the invite and even more excited to collaborate with "Peyton's Place Boutique"and "Our Little Miss Thing". They have created a line of M2M hair accessories to match my outfits. These sets are exquisite!
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kiddie Kouture



One of the true joys of parenting is sharing aspects of life that bring you satisfaction with your precious little ones . I love enjoying things all over again... "through the eyes of a child". Each new discovery brings them such delight.

When it comes to clothing your little ones,: to paraphrase, Madonna’s advice... "Dress ‘em up in your love, from their head down to their toes".

At what other time of life can you "theme" dress them unapologetically? For now, let your wee one delight in nautical wear, skate-kid style, and rhinestone-studded holiday garb. Tassels and ruffles and bows... consider purchasing attire that alludes to their professed role-models. Rock ‘n’ Roll tees. Safari hats. Cowboy boots. And for those precious snuggly babies, feel free to doll them up in a few of your favorite things. They’ll be choosing their own soon enough!

Admit it. Girls’ fashions have gotten so stylish you mourn the fact that you can’t squeeze into a 3T. Kids’ clothes have come a long way since I donned a Polly Flanders. (No one made smocked dresses for baby girls better than Polly Flinders! For generations, this leading designer of beautifully constructed, hand smocked dresses clothed little girls for every special occasion. And those who once wore Polly Flinders dresses as little ones now want them for their baby daughters and granddaughters. (Unfortunately, the company that made these lovely baby dresses is no longer in business.)

The 21st century has ushered in colors, patterns, and textures so enticing it’s a challenge not to purchase the entire spectrum offered. Naturally you want to shop tot-sized togs for their comfort and fit; but shouldn’t they be fun, too?
Make sure your little ones’ apparel reflects their adorable personalities. After all, a good book deserves a good cover. :-)